Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video Blog Day One

Today was about fulfilling cravings whilst drinking detoxing drinks like Lemon Water, Bentonite Clay Drink and Ginger Tea. Here is what I consumed today:

BREAKFAST: Detoxing Lemon Water and Almonds

LUNCH: Almonds, Walnuts, Dates, Carrot and Hummus

SNACK: Cheddar Cheese Grain Waves

DINNER: Chickpeas in an Onion Sauce with Rice

DESSERT: Salted, buttered popcorn, Starburst Loliies, Pineaple Lumps and KitKat

I noticed that after I had my binge at dessert, I felt SO SO SO full, bloated and really irritable. It put me in a bad mood actually, after the sugar high died, I was grumpy and not very good company.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog about Detoxing the Day Aftert the Night Before...Yummy.

Love Love Love

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