Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Twenty Three

Today was full of fruit and nuts for me :)
I have been really busy in the last two days and found it hard to get my daily dose of two fruit five veg. I have realised how prepared you have to be on The Earth Diet, especially when you know you're going to be really busy! I have also realised that it's okay to miss a meal, instead of overloading on junk when there is nothing else. Another part of life that keeps me in balance and grounded is my family :)
I have heard the saying 'Friends will come and go, but your family will stand by you forever', and it is soooo true! Tonight is my last official night of living at home. I have been living away from home for the last month or so, but today me and the fam packed up the van with all of my furniture to make the official move tomorrow. I am spending tonight with my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister having a family game night, so tonight's blog will be a short one :)

I'd just like to quickly dedicate this blog to my family. They have helped to shape who I am, and I love them all to bits :)

Another quick topic I'd like to touch on is drinking alcohol on The Earth Diet.
Liana has shared with me that you CAN drink alcohol while committing to this lifestyle :)
I made a drink tonight which had home made Malibu in it, along with pineapple, agarve and Ice :)
SO DELICIOUS! It makes me so happy to know that I can enjoy a healthy, scrummy alcoholic beverage and not feel guilty!

OH! Also, today my Mum and I (Mother Maehem) managed to write a song for all of the people affected by natural disasters recently. Here is a little video that we made tonight :) We would LOVE to know what you think! Watch here

Here is what our beautiful Earth provided me with today:

BREAKFAST: A Warm Lemon Water, Almonds and Grapes

LUNCH: Carrots and Dates :) SO SCRUMMY!

SNACK: Dates And Walnuts

DINNER: A Chocolate Smoothie (With Almonds)

DESSERT: Home Made Malibu Cocktail


Sleep tight, be grateful for family and Love :)
Love Love Love

Here is what

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