Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Twenty Five

Today has been my most challenging day ever. I officially moved out of home, all of my furniture and everything. It has been really hard because I have been living in the same house for my whole life.
I had a very emotional day, and quite honestly I am exhausted. I am also really disappointed in myself because I binged on Potato chips filled with preservatives and chemical crap. I 'also had a lovingly cooked vegetarian meal made for me and I didn't know whether to eat it and break my diet, or be rude and stay on track (This is the topic of tomorrows blog)

I am sorry tonight is a short one, but I am being such a jerk to myself and everyone...and I don't want to read back on this post with shame and humiliation thinking 'How trivial, negative and horrible!'

Here is what I filled myself with today:

BREAKFAST: Mixed Nuts and Grapes

LUNCH: Egg Pasta, Vegetarian mince with veges and Pasta sauce from a jar. Also a side salad of lettuce, feta, olives and cucumber.

DINNER: A Red Rock Deli Dijon Honey Mustard Potato Chip Binge


EXERCISE: A big long walk appreciating the company of my amazing mummy :)

Sleep tight, be grateful for Love and Happiness :)
Love Love Love

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