Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video Blog Day Two

Day Two on the Detox Cleanse...No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Binge Eating...tired and cranky.
Day Two for me was about cleansing my body with cleansing drinks and protein.
Here is what that consisted of today:

BREAKFAST: Lemon Water and Bentonite Clay, Almonds

LUNCH: Walnuts, Pecans

SNACK: Macadamias

DINNER: Pecans and a Warm Lemon Drink with A hint of Agarve Nectar


I am off to bed, I have been looking forward to this moment all day!
Goodnight, and remember to be grateful :)
Love Love Love


  1. That is really little amount of food!

  2. Hey Margherita (Awesome name!)
    It looks like a little amount of food, however I didn't list the quantities ;)
    After the amount of food I tried to fit in my stomach the day was nice on my body to have simple foods like these :)