Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Twenty Two

Today was purely amazing. For those of you who don't know...I count as one half of a singing/songwriting duo...the other half is my Mum :) We call ourselves 'Mother Maehem'. She is the Mother and I am the Maehem (although sometimes I beg to differ!) She is my best friend in the whole world, and we have been singing together for as long as I can remember. I love her to bits and when we're together, we spend most of our time singing/writing songs/talking about music or chatting. I recently moved out of home to another state, so I only ever get to see my Mum every so often. I have noticed after living out of home that singing makes up at least 50% of who I am. I am passionate about Earth Foods and exercise, and I love alot of other thing of course...however I feel I am only being 100% my complete self when I am putting aside some time everyday to sing. (Click here to have a listen)

(My best friend xo)

Today I had a thought..."What makes me complete?"
There are so many aspects of a persons life that all tie in together to define who that person
Personal Beliefs
Family Values
Music Taste
Physical Appearance
Aspirations etc

Something that I assume everyone strives for is balance. To be able to juggle between work, home, family, hobbies, passions etc. I may be 19, but I feel a very strong urge to seek my life balance.
Lately I have felt my life has been quite chaotic with no plan, structure or organisation. It wasn't until I committed to this blog that I have realised that I would like to create goals for myself and strive to reach them. In the past I haven't really had goals...actually, I have had a rough idea of what I want to achieve, but have never put it into a time perspective etc. For the first time in my life, I have made a plan for a years time. To be honest, I struggled at first...but I was determined to come up with a clear and practical idea of what/where/who I want to be one year from now. What helped me the most was actually doing it in reverse.
Firstly I pictured myself in a year from today. Who I will be, what will I have achieved, where in the world I will be? I then worked my way back from that and took little steps, all the way back to today.
I believe that everyone on this earth was put here with a gift of some kind, and that ideally it would be amazing if every single one of us knew our gift, and lived their life making a living and a difference by using their natural talents.

I hope this blog brings up a couple of self analysing questions.
Who are you?
What are the aspects of your life that define who you are?
Do you have balance? (If not, what could you change to bring about balance?)
Where do you see yourself a year from today?
What is YOUR talent?

I have written my answers to these questions down on a piece of paper and plan to look at them on February 10th next year...I think it will be wonderful to look and see what has changed, whats the same and what I can add.

I had a full on day today with lots of travel, meetings and reunions.
Here's what I managed to get down in between all of the running around:

BREAKFAST: A Warm Lemon Water and A Soy Organic Coffee (on the road)

LUNCH: Almonds and Grapes


DINNER: Walnuts and Dates



If you cannot tell, I'm in a very self analytical mood tonight, so I'm off to listening to some music that relates to the mood I'm in :)
Sleep tight, be grateful to be able to step back, re-assess yourself and start fresh...oh, and for MUSIC! :)
Love Love Love

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