Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Twenty Six

Goodevening Lovers :)
I hope you had an incredible day enjoying and being grateful for all of the people that surround you with love :)
Todays topic is one that has had my brain turning to mush since I started this challenge, and that topic is...
"When on the Earth Diet, do you accept a loving cooked meal even tho its made using ingredients filled with preservatives and chemicals? Or do you stick to you word and reject the meal...only to offend and disappoint?"
I have been faced with this decision so many times since I began this challenge, and every time I have chosen to accept and break my word over being rude, even tho I've always been left feeling horrible/rude and cranky at myself because I broke my word. I have found that I am a people pleaser, so I always seem to choose making someone else happy over myself.
I'm sure alot of people go through this when they have decided to begin this challenge, and quite honestly, I don't know the answer to the question.
There are different pros and cons for both answers, and they all include feelings of content along with disappointment. So the moment of truth...which answer supplies the less disappointment and most content?
So I guess I will use this blog to vent my thoughts, opinions and frustrations and bring up this topic for everyone to think about and hopefully relate to...(Also, in hope that Queen of the Earth Diet Liana Werner-Gray will comment with all of her knowledge and inspiring words to shed some light on the dos and don'ts when faced with this decision, which I will put into a blog for EVERYONE to learn from)

Also!!! I would like to send out big cuddles and kisses to all of the people celebrating the most amazing wonder of this world today...Love :) It is such an amazing, free, fulfilling feeling that is universal, felt and spoken in every culture/language and shown with every cuddle, kiss and lucky we all are to experience the best thing that life has to offer!!! :)
My incredible boyfriend took me out to lunch today to one of the BEST cafes I have been to in my life! It was 100% Vegetarian, with all meals made from 100% natural ingredients which are all locally grown and DELICIOUS!!! AND!!! They sell organic fruit, veges and other delicious earthy foods :) Heaven you ask??? It just may be! :)

Here is what the BEAUTIFUL LOVING EARTH provided me with...(plus some very preservative filled but yet lovingly supplied foods also...AHHH, it's got me in such a conflict with opinion!)


LUNCH: Chickpea Salad with a Brown Rice Salad

SNACK: Organic Sweet Potato Chips, Organic Corn Chips and Grapes

DINNER: Homemade Laksa with Tofu, Rice Noodles, Coconut Cream, Snow Peas, Shallots, Coriander, Lime Juice, Vege Stock and Coconut Oil

DESSERT: (Very shamefully admitting this one) Grain Waves with Roast Garlic Hommus...ALL FILLED WITH PRESERVATIVES!!!
 AND, straight Malibu over ice.


One thing that I feel I should add to this blog is that I have found that the more sugar, preservative and chemical filled foods you poison you body with...the more you honestly crave them!!! I need to detox my body from these foods again (even if that means to be rude and reject a lovingly cooked meal).
I guess tomorrow will count as another day one for me as I take a stand for my health and well being no matter how hard. This is me, completely exposed and vulnerable...I hope that at least one person can relate and be inspired to change their habits. I knew that this would be a challenge, and that is exactly what it is!!!

I am declaring right now, that I am tomorrow going to regain structure, inspiration and routine to my life, and blog about things that are vital to keeping good health and a happy spirit. I honestly did not think that I would be going through all of this in less than a month, but I promised I would be honest which is vital to personal success :)

Anyway, Sleep tight, be grateful for the choice to be healthy and for lots of LOVE!
Happy Valentines Day!
Love Love Love

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