Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Month

Today is the end. I committed to this challenge one month ago, having no idea what I would go through.
Originally I thought it would be all about the food...but I have learnt so much about myself in the last month.
So many metal and emotional issues have come up, and quite honestly, they have all caught me off guard. I had no idea that I had such a twisted relationship with food! so much so that my mind literally started to sabotage my challenge and justify why I should eat a certain food filled with additives and preservatives!
Absolutely crazy!!!!
I emailed The Earth Diet Guru Liana Werner-Gray today...I have found that I tend to struggle when I don't surround myself with high frequency, positive and amazing people. I find that I get really exhausted alot, and I've realised it's because I give so much of myself to people putting out all of my high frequency vibes...and when it's not returned, after a while I get really tired. That is one of the big things that I have learnt from this challenge....along with

  • Sticking to my word: I committed to this challenge with everything I had. In our society, I found that there were ALOT of tempting factors. At times, the easiest thing to do would be to give in to temptation and binge out on all of the foods that were so familiar to me, but I know that I would have been so cranky with myself if I had given up. Towards the end of my challenge, if you read back on the last 5 blogs, you will see that my motivation, attitude and will power all collapsed in the afternoons as I started to resort back to my old ways and binge out on preservative filled foods. I didn't even really enjoy them when I was eating...ESPECIALLY when I finished them so quickly and was left feeling disgusting! It is definitely a process you go through, and I feel that one month was not long enough for my body to accept the change.
  • Being at peace with my body: I have had a very dysfunctional view of my body for the last couple of years. After I lost about 15kg's the year I graduated, it's like my body transformed, but my mind was still stuck in the 75kg body...I still saw myself a very chubby, wobbly and quite unattractive. I thought coming into this challenge that transitioning from chemical filler, preservative ridden foods would also help me to transition the way I saw myself...but now that I sit here reflecting on the last month, I realise that it doesn't just 'happen', you need to actually sit down and put effort into that. I noticed my body changing after about 3 days of being on Earth Foods. My skin started to glow, my eyes became so bright and I felt so energised and light. That feeling was incredible. I am committed to changing my twisted view of myself, it will be a process, and I'm sure very confronting...but having peace with yourself is such an important element of having balance and TRUE happiness.
  • 'Missing out': After the first three weeks, I started getting into the frame of mind that I was 'missing out' on the other foods that I had cut out of my diet...which is so crazy! This mainly happened after I went out to lunch or coffee with my partner or friends...even just going into the supermarket! When you go on The Earth Diet, you have to change your shopping habits, and you realise that there are SO MANY isles that you no longer need to go down, because they are all filled with processed foods. I found myself getting so overwhelmed at how much crap is sold at the supermarket! About 90% of the supermarket was now off limits to me, and I felt really restricted when I would walk down the fruit and veg section. One day I was having such a 'poor me day' and I had to sit down and figure out exactly the reason for me feeling like this! It hit me like a broccoli to the face! I felt so restricted because I had only ever tried about 40% of the fruit and veg sold in the supermarket! There were things that I had never even noticed before like Grapefruit and Rhubarb! That made me so much more excited! My goal in my next challenge is to try more of a variety of foods :)
  • Researching: Previous to this diet, I was soooo naive and disconnected with what I was putting into my body. I remember when I was younger, my Mum would take me grocery shopping and always look on the label for different numbers. She never let us get things like Rollups and packets of Chicken Chips etc because of these 'numbers'. I used to complain and whinge in the middle of the supermarket because I wanted what all the 'cool' kids were eating like LCM's and Space Bars...but "Ohhh Nooo, we can't get them because of the stupid numbersss". Mum would always tell me to" get over it Sarah, I'm not buying any of it. When you are old enough to decide whether you really want to poison your body with all of those additives, then go ahead." I used to get so cranky with her! Looking back now, I think she is so amazing. She always stuck to her guns no matter how much me, my brother or sister would carry on. I have since apologised haha. Now that I am old enough to decide what I put into my body, I am so fussy! Researching certain additives and preservatives has opened my eyes up to quite a horrible reality. Majority of companies making the foods that are sold everyday to unsuspecting families are just plain CRAP! They are only concerned about the profit they will make, so they use the cheapest, nastiest ingredients...with no care in the world about our health! If I could get any message out there with my blogs, it would be to research! Don't just accept and trust that what you are feeding yourself or your families is 'good for you' or 'healthy' 99% of the time...IT'S NOT! Set aside some time, get acquainted with Google, and start searching :)
  • You can heal yourself naturally: I am a big believed in natural healing. Any problem in you life, was attracted by you (The Law Of Attraction). You create your good and bad times with your thoughts and attitude. I find that I am so much more connected with myself when I am eating food naturally provided by the Earth. I especially notice that if I don't get my body moving sometime in the day...I have such a horrid sleep. I need to expel energy, get my blood pumping, my heart racing, the dopamine flowing through my brain and a big fat smile on my face :) I honestly believe that if I never exercised, that I would have depression. I would have no motivation in life, no drive to be amazing and to do amazing things...I would be a big ball of unused energy getting resentful, cranky and just plain depressed. I believe that you can cure most cases of depression with exercise and a diet consisting of 'live' foods. Also, there are so many natural cures for health problems that require no man made quick fixes. Go down to your locally fruit and veg store, stock up on your vitamins and minerals, get at least 2 fruit 5 veg and protein in your daily diet, get up offa that thing and shake it...and you WILL feel better :)
  • Gratitude: One of the things that I started filling myself with when I felt I was missing out on anything was gratitude. It was more than just saying thankyou for this meal, thankyou for my car blah blah blah, I would actually be completely present, in the moment and feel the gratitude with my whole body. Breathe it in, taste it, let it flow through every part of me. I would appreciate the incredible aspects of nature, the sensations and textures of the different plants, the incredible view from the top of a hill etc. Life is so beautiful when you can be grateful for all of the non-materialistic things. When you can understand that the best things in life REALLY ARE free...you don't NEED anything else. How amazing :)
  • Happiness ALWAYS comes from you: In my life, I have been known to look for happiness in anything I could. I thought that expensive clothes, perfect make up and hair, the latest everything would make me happy. I was always a people pleaser, and everything that I did was always to make 'someone else' happy. I often found myself going crazy because I would try to make 3 different people happy in one situation...and I never could. This would leave me feeling incredibly miserable and the opposite of what I'd set out to achieve...Happiness. It wasn't until I started this challenge, that I really started to feel happy in a different way than I'd ever experienced it before. It was coming from me, I was walking differently, talking differently, smiling more than ever and people commented that I was literally glowing. My gratitude for everything that I had and did not have, the delicious food that was naturally provided to me by the Earth, the beautiful beaches that I was running on and swimming in, and the pride for changing my ways...it all came through in my demeanor. Gratitude defiantly was the first step to all of this. Not feeling like you 'need' something else to make you happy, but accepting what you have and feeling grateful. It really helps if you have a notepad and write down a couple of things everyday that you were grateful for. Start with 3 and work your way up :)

As you can see, I have learnt ALOT in the last month. I have has success, failures, fun times, not so fun times, good emotions, bad emotions and everything in between.
I have decided that I am going to continue to eat Earth foods...this time for 6 months.
This time I will video my blogs :) That way I can make them so much more fun and entertaining :)
I will be able to video the beautiful places I go for runs, cooking and preparing beautiful Earthy meals, writing music to help me to heal myself after certain events, visits to my local organic grocer and so much more!!!!

ALSO, another thing that I am very excited to capture on camera, is introducing my mummy to Earth Foods. We are so close, yet polar opposites. I am a vegetarian, mum is definitely not, I LOVE Earth foods, mum loves EVERY FOOD etc.
For those of you who have partners who are hesitant to giving Earth foods a go, get them to watch the videos where I make an Earth meal for mum, and it may give them inspiration to try something new :)

I look forward to starting my 6 month challenge and getting to let you see what goes on in my life :)
See you when I film the video blog for Day One!!!
Love Love Love

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