Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Twenty Seven

A new start can happen whenever you choose. Every day, minute and second is an opportunity to start over.
You have the power to control your thoughts, actions, reactions, attitude and opinions...the only person responsible for your life is you.
For some people, there comes a moment in their life where they realise this, and take control. They stop victimising themselves and realise how amazing their life can be after they've dropped the 'poor me' act and live completely in the present moment.

Today I realised I need to regain control of my life. I committed to this challenge, and yet let myself down a couple of times by giving in the the little voice inside myself that justifies all of the reasons I should eat that food filled with crap.

Two days ago I was so lucky that such a sweet girl moved into the house I'm currently living in. We went for a drive today and I showed her around her new town, took her to see an amazing view and of course to the 100% vegetarian cafe :) When you meet someone new, you know how you do that whole 'About Me' spiel, your family, friends, likes, dislikes, hobbies, foods, relationships etc...and it makes you remember all of the things that make you who you are.

When I left high school, I assessed who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and what I represent.
Reputation is such an important thing in our society. Have you ever noticed after you've been in the presence of someone who is contently negative...you walk away feeling down and quite exhausted? That's because it takes so much more energy to be down. You literally exert your body with the feelings of anxiousness, anger, depression and negativity. Suppressing these destructive feelings and treating yourself like a victim, eventually takes a toll on your health only leading to disease.

So what are steps you can take to progress to positivity?
Firstly, learning perspective.
Have you ever noticed yourself so easily judging someone else's flaws and negative habits...yet when it comes to looking at your own faults, you seem so close to perfect you could marry yourself?
Next time you notice yourself pointing out someone elses bad points, literally look at your hand. You'll see that you are pointing at the other person with one finger right? Well then take a look at how many you are pointing back at yourself...that's right...3!
We often tend to pick on habits we see in other people, that we really can't stand about ourselves. Take note of this, then understand and don't dwell on it. Soooo many problems are blown out of perspective because people can't take a step back and look at the situation from a neutral point of view; thus they dwell on their opinion...making the other person wrong, and them a victim...and the negativity flows.

Gratitude always helps me to break out of my negative bubble. Listing the people, experiences, opportunities and everything in between that I am grateful for seems to reinforce how lucky I am, and that everything will always be okay...because I choose to see it that way.

Another thing I have noticed is that my bedroom seems to mirror my life. When I have no routine, no structure, no motivation and no organisation in my life...my room is messy with stuff all over the floor, the bed is unmade and I honestly have no motivation to change it; all of this chaos adds to my frustrations.
It tends to take me a couple of days in wallowing in my own self pitty to get motivated to change.
I wake up one morning and dedicate the whole day to cleaning my room, doing my washing and making my bed. I crank up the music, dance, sing and move my body to get my endorphins flowing. If you get up offa that thing and shake it...you will feel better! Crazy! I also nourish my body with lots of water and delicious  nourishing earth foods.

After writing this blog, I am SO motivated to wake up and do this tomorrow morning. I have decided to make tomorrows blog a video blog :) I'm getting excited already!!!

Here is what I nourished my body with today:

BREAKFAST: A Warm Lemon Water, A Chocolate Almond Smoothie and Grapes

LUNCH: A Rice Milk Coffee, Home made Laksa Soup

SNACK: Dates

DINNER: Home made Laksa soup and Organic Peanut Butter, Honey on Organic Soy Lin Bread

DESSERT: Grapes, Dates Walnuts

Sleep tight, stay positive and remember to be grateful for everything you do or don't have :)
Love Love Love

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