Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Twenty Eight

Ever heard of 'The Deadly Night Shade Family?"
I hadn't either until just recently.
Allow me to introduce you :)
This family has four main will know them as Potato, Tomato, Capsicum and Eggplant.
These four foods are staples in alot of peoples diets, and they each contain many vitamins, minerals and have some nice health benefits...but there is something that so many people do know know about them.
8% of the worlds population react to these foods. Each of them contain nicotine in some form, and giving up these foods is similar to giving up smoking...especially if you were raised on them.

Potatoes are a major staple in so many peoples diets. With potato chips, baked potato, mashed potato and potato bake being consumed nearly every family on a daily basis...its hard to imagine how many people are consuming potatoes, completely unaware that they are the reason they are feeling symptoms of inflammation and arthritis.
It's only been in the last 600 years that we have been introduced to potatoes. Christopher Columbus discovered them in North America. Although 600 years seems like a long terms of evolution it really is not. Our bodies still have not had time to evolve and processes these foods, hence the reaction.
Raw potatoes should not be consumed as this is when they are most toxic, along with when they are green. If you were to ask you Grandma about cooking Potatoes, she would tell you that back in the day, they would always remove the skin, and NEVER eat them if they were green.
The same goes with Tomato...if you see any green on or in the tomato, make sure you remove it as it contains high doses of the toxin.
If you are part of the 8%, make sure you avoid Eggplant all together. Inflammation will be evident almost immediately. If you are part of the 92% however, be sure to cook thoroughly and avoid eating the skin.

It is a shame that we are not informed about this these days, so as I have found out that I am one of the 8%...I feel it is important to get this information out. The best way to test to see if you are affected is to avoid the food for about a month, and then eat them will notice like I did that the symptoms instantly show themselves.

If you google 'The Deadly Nightshade Family' you will find so much information to further your knowledge about this.

Here is what I consumed today:

BREAKFAST: Grapes, Blueberries, Dates, Walnuts and Almonds

LUNCH: Salad and Sweet Potato Peanut Satay

SNACK: A Chocolate Smoothie

DINNER: Sweet and Curried Lentils with Rice

DESSERT: Peanut Butter and Honey on Organic Soy Lin Bread

EXERCISE: A Stroll to look at the beautiful sun set behind the mountains

Sleep tight, Embrace your health :)
Love Love Love

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