Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Eighteen

Tonight I went to the movies and watched Sanctum in 3D. It was such an incredible film, with such beautiful landscape shots and in my opinion, really great acting. It features alot of life and death situations, which really got me thinking...'what would I do if I was faced with that challenge?' All of a sudden it hit me...slapped me in the face...we literally face life and death situations every day! When it comes to what we put in and on our bodies, we really are playing life or death. The choice you make in the now may not affect you in the now, but it definitely affects your longevity.

When you take a look at certain foods and the affects they have on your body, you need to realise that your body is crying out for you to change to a healthier option. The fatigue, mucus build up in your nose, sluggishness, irritability and all of the other horrible symptoms that come along with crap food are your body's warning signs Your organs are being strained and are trying to keep up with your bad choice in dietary intake.

I bet if alot of people saw exactly what went into some of the foods that they eat every day, they would never put them into their mouth again! I've been reading a book about food additives in the last month, it's so crazy what they put into some foods! What's worse is that they promote their product like it's so amazing and you're missing out on something if you haven't yet tried it!

Tomorrows blog will feature a list of additives with what foods they can be found in, and what health problems they cause.

I'm off for now to keep researching!!!
Here is what I was so grateful to put into my body today:

BREAKFAST: A Choconana Smoothie

LUNCH: Rice and Vege's with Soymeat





Sleep tight, be grateful for health and the power to chose what you eat :)
Love Love Love

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