Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Nineteen

I have been researching today about additives in foods.
I've gone on a bit of a journey with this book. I was so happy when I started reading it.
It was so good to have a book written by mum of two, Perth based Julie Eady who started researching the link between illness and food after her first child was born. Julie has a family history of allergies and asthma. What began as a personal project to identify better choices in food for her family, turned into a much bigger adventure as she started to peel back the cover ups and discover the shocking truths about serious health concerns associated with many additives used in food. (Just want to clarify that her research was on Australian foods)
As I started reading, I was so overwhelmed at how much information Julie had collected to put into this book. She spells everything out! No getting confused here! (Too much information put into big, long, boring sentences make my monkey mind go haywire!) It is all so interesting, she lists the functions of additives, additive numbers and health concerns related to additives. It makes me so happy when some one who lives a normal life makes a stand for their health and takes action.

After reading  the first couple of chapters it started all clicking into place, and the harsh truth of what actually goes into some of my now 'ex-favourite' foods hit me in the face like a bag of artificially flavoured, additive filled chips!!! After listing Australia's regulations, the testing and approval systems, how to understand labels and the labelling started to get serious.

Chapter 9: The ones to look out for.
There are soooo many! What is scarier than the long list of additives, is the longer list of what foods they are in. I'm not exactly sure what I can and cannot share with you from this book. I would love to share with you every single word, but after reading how much effort has gone into this book, I understand that Julie Eady needs to be recognised for her amazing I will give you this, please have a look...I highly recommend buying this one, it's pretty much life and death!
I will contact Julie tomorrow and see if I can get the all clear to post a section of her book on my blog.

So after all of this research I decided to be a guinea pig for the afternoon. It meant that I had to eat additive filled foods (which I actually was really dreading), but hopefully it was for a good cause.
I documented the affect that additives had on my body and how my emotions even plummeted along with my energy etc. I will continue to document these things for 24hours.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog where I will post my findings :)

Here is what I put into my body today:
BREAKFAST: A Warm Lemon Water, a Caro and an Avocado

LUNCH: Another Avo :) and some Almonds

SNACK: (Start of my experiment) Sushi and Nari (Both bought already made)

DINNER: Homemade Pizza with Tomato Paste, Canned Vege Mince and Cheese

DESSERT: None, Yuk, could NOT eat another thing so full and feel disgusting


Well, I'm off for the night.
I can tell you that I already feel irritable and gross, yay for being my own guinea pig! Haha
Goodnight, Be Grateful for having the opportunity to learn and develop :)
Love Love Love

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  1. You are so commited Sarah!! Good on you!!!!!! So scary when you read stuff like this! Just what are we putting into our bodies... :)