Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video Blog Day Thirty Two

Here are symptoms of Iron Deficiency: SYMPTOMS: -Lack of energy, feeling tired and weak -Pale skin on the lining of the eyes, inner mouth gums and nails -Rapid and forceful heart beat -Finger nails become thin, brittle and white -Low blood pressure with position change (from sitting to standing) -Severe menstural pain and bleeding -Tongue may become sore, smooth, shiny and reddened -Decreased appetite (especially in children) -Frontal headache -Shortness of breath during exercise (even during a simple exercise like walking) -Brittle hair -Reduction in immunity and increased vulnerability to infection -The condition called 'Pica' (the strong desire to eat non foods like ice, paint and dirt) -Distrubed Sleep -Abdominal Pain These symptoms are general and could also indicate other health problems or blood disorders. Stay tuned for future blogs where I will test natural cures for Iron Deficiency and let you know which ones had the best results for me. I hope that this helps! Love Love Love xoxoxox

Monday, March 28, 2011

Video Blog Day Twenty Seven

Follow your passion and stay true to what you love :) I feel like I am slowly starting to get my passion back for myself again. It's so hard to forget to give yourself time for you in the commotion of day to day life. We really need to remember to do the things that we love, and that we enjoy every now and again. Also, I found that when I was blogging every day and blogging about my meals, I found it easier to stay on track...so I will also be blogging what I eat from now on :) Another rather important note, make sure that you keep it fun when taking part in this lifestyle. If you get lazy with it, it can get very boring...and most of the fun of this lifestyle is experimenting with all that the Earth has naturally provided :) Anyway, see you in a couple of days :) Love Love Love xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video Blog Day Twenty Five

Today was really hard for me.
I need to change my mind set, and stop feeling like I am missing out on anything.
This is a transition, and I hope that my journey helps you with yours.

Here is what I chose to put into my body today:

BREAKFAST: Coffee with Cows Milk, Toast with Hommus

LUNCH: Sandwich with Nutella and Chocolate Wafers

SNACK: Mentos

DINNER: Not burgers on Bread with sauce and baked veges

DESSERT: Pineapple juice and Malibu

In the past, this is what a typical day of meals looked like.
Usually I would binge alot more, however today after the amount of sugar I had, I felt soooo sick...I just can't eat that much anymore.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It will be hard but I'm working on changing my attitude...woohoo :)

See you in a couple of days!
Love Love Love

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Blog Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Four:

In the last week since I filmed the blog for Day Sixteen, I have experienced so many breakdowns, and have been put in positions where I have been unprepared, with no access to Earth Foods which has left me with the option of eating preservative filled foods making me feel gross...or skipping meals. Here is what I have expereced and learnt in the last week.

Firstly, my laptop died, and I had no other way of filming my blog every three days like I had said, this is where my week started going down hill. I always seem to get very down on myself when I don't stick to my word...and for some reason whenever I feel like I have failed...in whatever it is, I get really really hard on myself and my self sabotage starts.

Whenever I feel like I am doing well at something, it's like my mind freaks out and over thinks it...this is when I start to notice that I do anything I can to stop the success, and prove to myself that I can't do amazing things. I have no idea why I do this, but it's something that I have noticed alot in the past week, especially when it comes to diet and exercise! I noticed myself making excuses and making justifications for why I should eat a certain CRAP Food just because people around me were eating them. (CRAP is a word I use to describe foods containing Colours, that are Refined, Artifical and filled with Preservatives) I have also been making excuses not to exercise...which is so rediculous! About 4 months ago I went through a stage where I was so committed to exercising rain, hail or shine and I felt so good about myself! Lately however, I use any excuse to get out of exercise like the weather, or a headache or having a big day and being 'too tired'.

I feel like the last month has been a test of my character, determination and will power. I have been challenged with health problems, physical problems, emotional confrontations and mental challenges. I honestly thought that I was stronger than what I am, but after reflecting on how I've handled myself after a breakdown in the last month, I feel I have a long way to go.
For some reason it takes me a long time to pick myself up and make a breakthrough when I've had a fall.
I am so determined to keep getting back up after a fall...and I have promised myself that I will look back in 5 months time and say 'Wow, look how far you've come...how strong you are. Good girl, you did me proud.'

In the last week I have been eating about 50% Earth foods, and have not been prepared when I've gone out. I have alot to blog about when my video is back online!

Also, I would love you to write in to sarah@theearthdiet.org with suggestions on future blogs, questions or even advice.
Hopefully you will see my next blog in a day or two, and I'll be back to documenting what I eat, along with physical and mental effects.

No matter how bad things get, things always work out.
Remember to be grateful for everything you have, and everything you don't have.
Thankyou for taking the time to read/watch my blog :)

Love Love Love

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video Blog Day Sixteen

Here is what my preservative filled day looked like:

BREAKFAST: Eggs on White Toast with hommus, Sweet Chilli and Chives

LUNCH: Hot Chips with Chicken Salt and Tomato Sauce

SNACK: Loads of chocolate!!!

DINNER: Migoreng Noodles with ALL of the MSG filled flavourings

DESSERT: A Warm Lemon Water


After all of this CRAP Food (Crap for me stands for Coloured, Refined, Additives and Preservatives), I always feel disgusting, and question why I continue to eat this food EVEN THO I know how bad it is for my body, with no nutritional value at all. I honestly didn't think that being sick would make me resort back to my old binge eating ways with food...it made me really interested in healing your body with foods when you're sick...look out for future blogs with natural remedies for certain illness's.

For now, stay grateful and remember that your health is your wealth.
Love Love Love

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Blog Day Five

Okay, so I've been doing my research on Acidophilus and how else you can source it other than in dairy products.
I found out that what it actually is, is live cultures that are added to foods like yoghurt to maintain a healthy gut.
Other than in dairy products, you can find Acidophilus in capsules and in powder form.
I just found a YUMMY sounding vegan recipie for Vegan Young Cocnut Yoghurt with Acidophilus :)
I will post a blog with my attempt at making this yoghurt sooooon!

Here is what I nourished my body with today:

BREAKFAST: A Lemon and Bentonite Clay Water, Almonds, Walnuts and Dates

LUNCH: Peanuts, Pot set yoghurt with peanuts mixed in

SNACK: Organic Corn Chips (Corn, Oil and Salt) and Organice Hommus with no bad stuff!!!

DINNER: Salad, Bean and Herb Patties and Sweet Potato on the BBQ

DESSERT: Pineapple juice

I am still in the stage where I am craving non earthy foods and feel like I am missing out on something by avoiding eating them. Part of this transition is not only the body, but the mind. There will be alot of future blogs about changing my mindset.
Love Love Love

Video Blog Day Four

(To everyone watching...I am aware of the typo in this video haha.)
I have tried to add a link to some information about the benefits of Bentonite Clay but it's not working :(
I will do the research for you and get all of the facts and bring them to you in another blog :)

Here is what I nourished myself with today:

BREAKFAST: A Banana Smoothie

LUNCH: A Fruit Salad

SNACK: Dates

DINNER: Moroccan Chickpeas and Rice with Organic Soy Sauce


I highly recommend using Bentonite Clay for drawing all of the toxins out of your skin! It felt amazing to feel it tighten up...I could literally feel all of the toxins being drawn to the surface. After it'd all been washed off, it was really shocking to feel how soft it actually was! I will be using Bentonite Clay as a Face Mask VERY often!

Love Love Love