Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Twelve

Well, today was an interesting one.
I went through a lot of emotional ups and downs, faced a lot of insecurities. I'm not really in the head space right now to blog about anything I thought I'd make this one a picture blog.
These are all photo's I've taken of nature in the last week :)
 I absolutely love watching the sun go down behind the hills at this lookout :)

 I took this picture to capture the beautiful, glowing green of the plants contrasting with the rocks :)

 I swam in this creek on Australia Day. Its really deep, and crystal clear...and at the bottom are turtles!!!

 What a stunning drive! Such a hot, crisp, beautiful day...Australia knows how to put on a show :)

 This is the creek with the turtles. We swam over to that bank and skimmed stones across the water :)

 The little island looking thing on the left is where I go for my runs. It's such an amazing view from the top :)

 This is such a magical place. My boyfriend took me on a date here and we ate dinner while watching the ocean :)

 This picture I took while I was going for a run near where I live. It was just about to rain, and so pretty :)

 This is such a magical place. I go here when I need to put life into there is no such thing as a problem :)

 I absolutely love this photo. I would love to venture down there and discover all of the sea life living in the rocks :)

This is the creek with the turtles...again. I love how clean the air is out there. It's so perfect :)

Here  is what else the beautiful earth provided me today:
BREAKFAST: Warm Lemon Water and a Banana Smoothie

LUNCH: Chickpea Maehem

SNACK: Macadamias and An Orange

DINNER: Macadamias

DESSERT: A Choconana Smoothie


Whenever I'm feeling negative, I turn to nature, which is always a positive for me.
Take more time to look around at how amazing nature really is. The natural brilliant-ness ( I think I may have made this word up haha) of flowers, how they blossom with exquisite colours. Or the shapes, shades and ambiance of a cloud, how every single one is different. Or the perfection of a lake, the beach, a waterfall. Breathe in deeply, especially in beautiful places like the ones in my photos...appreciate the clean air, and how lucky you are to witness this beauty :)

Sleep tight, be grateful for nature and breathe deep :)
Love Love Love

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