Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Earth Diet Challenge...Preparation Day

Okay, I guess before I go too in depth I should introduce myself...
My name is Sarah. I'm 19. I am a singer/songwriter. I am a vegetarian, AND I am also a serial binge eater!!!!!
As I grew up, I always envied those girls who seemed to have it all...the figure, the clear skin, the perfect life etc. Once I hit the age of 14, my weight started to creep up and up and up until I was in my final year at high school, completely unhappy, 75kg , prone to acne and struggling with binge eating. Couple this with the stresses of being a high school student (exams, pressure to look good, pressure to fit in etc), suffice it to say, my acne blew way out of control.
Now I'm assuming that some people reading this blog will think that 75kg is not alot of weight...I would like to clarify that I was always known as the little stick figure girl growing up, so going from 54kg's to 75kg's was a big change...pardon the pun haha)

It wasn't until I graduated that I started to assess my health, and start to look into health eating, exercise and natural medicine. I then found out that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is basically cysts on the ovaries. This essentially was the cause of my acne.

Since then, investigating health has been a big interest of mine...which lead me to The Earth Diet.
I was fortunate enough to meet Liana Werner - Gray in 2009. It wasn't until that we contacted each other online I started reading her Earth Diet Blog.
The articles, facts and recipes posted on her blogs were so interesting to me, and after becoming a regular reader, I decided to give it a go. I would always fail, and then resort back to binge eating on chemically ridden foods.
Each time I would be 'on' Earth Foods, my health would improve, my mood would improve, my skin would glow and all in all would feel amazing. I couldn't understand why I would keep resorting back to my old I asked the original Earth Dieter herself, and this is what she had to say....

"Wow well Sarah i can absolutely say you are on the path to health. Your experience sounds very similar to mine - battling with an act or sabotaging personality. I totally get how you declare one thing for your health and then do another and binge eat. This may help you as it did me - how long have you been binge eating? Or eating to self sabotage? This can be like a fast spinning wheel in action and eventually with the light of your presence and fulfilling of your word, the wheel will slow down and eventually stop. One of the IL said 'you create a habit that took years and then expect it to be gone tomorrow!' It sounds like yours has slowed down, and is even freaking out and threatened and so it convinced you to identify with it and indulge in it all over the holidays. I know it is easier said then done but don't be hard on yourself - this is years of thought processes and cemented personality you are up against. If you steer off track to what you want you can always recommit at any moment and jump back on. I NEVER thought i could change or stop over eating and eventually it happened and i am still challenged by it! :) so keep the end in mind Sarah Mae - visualize you and your dream health :) there may be more bumps along the way - all the better to look at it, and recreate who we are. I believe it is absolutely who we are in the face of it that matters :) and the more opportunities we get to reinvent ourselves the more depth we have as a human :) also a thought that really moved things for me was 'i could die any moment and i really don't want to go being unfulfilled and bloated' Hehe :)"

So...there you go.
I am determined to push forward and stick to my word :) From tomorrow (January 20th 2011), I will endeavour to only eat foods that are naturally provided from the earth and look into using natural alternatives for the everyday chemical products that I currently use.

Unlike Liana, I have not set a goal of 365 days, instead I will aim for one month at a time, and document all of my thoughts, feelings, failures and success :)
Should be one interesting blog!!!

I declared today as my last day of chemicals, preservatives and anything 'unearthy'.
I thought I would send the day day off with a bang so here is what that looked like:

BREAKFAST: Banana Smoothie
LUNCH: An Indian dish with paneer cheese, two pieces of toast with hummus
SNACK: Chocolate Ice cream
DINNER: A vege sub from Subway
DESSERT: More Chocolate Ice Cream

So that's that.
I have prepared a busy day tomorrow to keep me distracted from food cravings and have purchased a new pair of runners to get me back into exercise.

Sleep tight for an early start with lemon water and a run.

Love Love Love

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  1. wow Sarah! This is GREAT and you are GREAT! :) I am really looking forward to following this blog and reading about your experience! xo