Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Eight

Okay, so...where do I start?
I promised in my first blog that I would blog about EVERYTHING that comes with this challenge. Not only will I blog about my success's and triumphs, but I will be 100% honest and upfront about my failures.
The reason I started this blog was to better myself, stick to my word, have a daily goal and commitment, and most importantly supply my body with foods naturally provided from the earth.
In saying that, I have to confess that last night, I chose to have alcohol.
I know that alcohol is alcohol, not earth foods, and after being on earth foods for the past week I actually didn't really feel like it...I guess I just put unnecessary pressure to drink in the company of my mates.
(Pre Earth foods, I was drinking nearly every weekend and feeling horrible when I would wake up.
I wouldn't just drink straight alcohol, which is the healthiest way (not saying drinking is healthy) to drink. I would mix it with juices filled with sugar, or soft drinks, also loaded with sugar and preservatives. I would then have a late night binge before I went to bed (usually toasties with loads of cheese and mayo))

So after last night, it's obvious that another part of myself that I need to work on is my will power :)
A wise lady told me today that the most permanent change is one made over time; learning first hand what works and doesn't work for you. I look at myself how I am now, as a 19 year old. I asked myself a question at the beginning of this challenge..."Who do I want to be?" I plan on answering this question throughout my  Earth Diet journey :)

After last night, I really struggled with my challenge today. I was unmotivated, tired and craving crappy food.
What I should have done was go for a run at some point to get some motivation back. Every time I caught my reflection in the mirror, I was disappointed with what I saw which HAS to change.
No more giving in to my cravings. I'm trying not be too hard on myself, and admitting this in my blog today is helping me.
I did have a completely different blog planned for today, but I wanted to get all of this out, not only for myself, but in the hopes that maybe someone who keeps giving up on themselves because of little slip ups will read this, and maybe realise that every second is a new chance to start again :)

So there we go.
I am happy to say that as hard as it was to stick to Earth Foods today, I did it and it feels good.
Here is what delicious foods the Earth provided me with today :)

BREAKFAST:  A Banana Smoothie

LUNCH: Sweet Potato Peanut Satay with Basmati Rice

SNACK: Grapes

DINNER: Chickpea Maehem

DESSERT: A Banana Smoothie

Tomorrow is a new day :)
I am promising myself right now, that I will wake up and start my day with a run :)
There it's turning back! I will have photo evidence in tomorrows blog!
For now, sleep tight, be grateful for everything you have, give love and receive love.
Love Love Love

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  1. You are absolutely extraordinary Sarah :) We can incorporate anything we like into our Earth Diet and if you like to drink alcohol then create that as part of your lifestyle if that is what you choose. The healthiest alcohols are vodka, tequila and red wine ;) The most important thing - be free - choose not to experience guilt! xo