Monday, March 28, 2011

Video Blog Day Twenty Seven

Follow your passion and stay true to what you love :) I feel like I am slowly starting to get my passion back for myself again. It's so hard to forget to give yourself time for you in the commotion of day to day life. We really need to remember to do the things that we love, and that we enjoy every now and again. Also, I found that when I was blogging every day and blogging about my meals, I found it easier to stay on I will also be blogging what I eat from now on :) Another rather important note, make sure that you keep it fun when taking part in this lifestyle. If you get lazy with it, it can get very boring...and most of the fun of this lifestyle is experimenting with all that the Earth has naturally provided :) Anyway, see you in a couple of days :) Love Love Love xoxoxoxox

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