Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Blog Day Four

(To everyone watching...I am aware of the typo in this video haha.)
I have tried to add a link to some information about the benefits of Bentonite Clay but it's not working :(
I will do the research for you and get all of the facts and bring them to you in another blog :)

Here is what I nourished myself with today:

BREAKFAST: A Banana Smoothie

LUNCH: A Fruit Salad

SNACK: Dates

DINNER: Moroccan Chickpeas and Rice with Organic Soy Sauce


I highly recommend using Bentonite Clay for drawing all of the toxins out of your skin! It felt amazing to feel it tighten up...I could literally feel all of the toxins being drawn to the surface. After it'd all been washed off, it was really shocking to feel how soft it actually was! I will be using Bentonite Clay as a Face Mask VERY often!

Love Love Love

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