Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video Blog Day Sixteen

Here is what my preservative filled day looked like:

BREAKFAST: Eggs on White Toast with hommus, Sweet Chilli and Chives

LUNCH: Hot Chips with Chicken Salt and Tomato Sauce

SNACK: Loads of chocolate!!!

DINNER: Migoreng Noodles with ALL of the MSG filled flavourings

DESSERT: A Warm Lemon Water


After all of this CRAP Food (Crap for me stands for Coloured, Refined, Additives and Preservatives), I always feel disgusting, and question why I continue to eat this food EVEN THO I know how bad it is for my body, with no nutritional value at all. I honestly didn't think that being sick would make me resort back to my old binge eating ways with made me really interested in healing your body with foods when you're sick...look out for future blogs with natural remedies for certain illness's.

For now, stay grateful and remember that your health is your wealth.
Love Love Love

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