Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video Blog Day Thirty Nine


When you compare an almond to a pecan, or a brasil nut to a cashew, or a macadamia to a hazel may very well find tiny similarities...but they are all yummy and completely different in their own way.
Last night I came up with a theory, that we are all nuts.
Why do we constantly compare ourselves to one another looking for reasons to get down on ourselves because her butt may be 'firmer/slimmer/more bootylicious than mine' ?????

It doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!
From now on when you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else...STOP, IN THE NAME OF LOVE ;) and think about how rediculous you're being. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! EVERY SCAR, STRETCH MARK OR BIRTH MARK MAKES YOU UNIQUE!
If you had the option, would you really  want to look exactly the same as someone else?

Think about that :)

Anyway beautiful people, I'm off.
I will see you soooon with some info about BEE POLLEN! :D

Love Love Love

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