Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Month Video Blog

Here is what I nourished my body with today:

BREAKFAST: Lemon Water, an Apple, a Banana and a Lemon, Ginger and honey Tea

LUNCH: A Coconut and Coconut milk :)

DINNER: Pumpkin Soup (Pumpkin steamed, Coconut Oil, onion, garlic and salt in a saucepan, add water and the pumpkin. Mash and add pepper if you like. Cook until think and creamy! Delicious!)



Cooking and preparing food is so much fun! Be creative, and you could just come up with something AMAZING!

Love Love Love

1 comment:

  1. the natural foods you include in your diet are good, but you need to learn more about nutrition.

    your breakfast of Lemon Water, an Apple, a Banana and a Lemon, Ginger and honey Tea is wayyy too fructose-heavy. fructose is a simple sugar which will break down quick, and give you energy but do little else for your body and your health. it shouldnt be the basis of a meal, it should be a periphery nutrient consumed in relatively low amounts.

    your all-Coconut lunch has the same exact problem, its chief if not only nutritional benefit is simple carbs, some fiber, and too much fructoooose.

    Pumpkin Soup is better because there are more fiber and vitamins and fewer simple sugars in pumpkin than fruits, but you still haven't eaten ANY MEAT!!!! drink some milk! eat eggs! steak! fish! you need protein in this diet desperately... you will develop a protein deficiency & a zinc deficiency and compromise your immune system if you keep eating all these carbs...

    oh btw lol @ "EXERCISE: None" change that and add some protein and youll find yourself feeling much healthier :)